Pleasure To Meet You!

I love combining marketing and programming knowledge to help achieve digital marketing goals. Besides that, my career has been centered around digital marketing and web development. I'm what you'd call a nerdy marketer. This requires juggling a lot of different technical coding skills such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, while also having an analytical eye when studying reports from Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

In short, I am a Digital Marketer by day, and by night, I mess around with this website when time allows it. Outside of that, I am loud Seahawks fan, patient Mariners fan, and a self proclaimed expert at Mario Party with a hopeless golf game.

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By checking out this site, watch as I learn the ins and outs of web development, ramble about video games, mess around with SEO, and learn all the minutia that comes with a creating a website.

Sit Back, And Enjoy The Chaos